Westminster Volunteer Fire Department

Our Mission:  The Westminster Fire Engine and Hose Co. 1, is dedicated to providing quality Emergency Services to our community through the combined team efforts of our members, the local government organizations, and the citizens of our community to enhance our ability to protect life, property, and the environment.

Friday Night Bingo Returns!

Friday Night Bingo at Westminster Fire Department has Returned! Doors and kitchen open at 5:30 PM with games starting at 7:00 PM.

Player’s Pool Holdover: $60

Jackpot Amount: $500 (on 52 balls or less)

Click HERE for more information and to see the November Dinner Menu!

200th Anniversary (2023)

In 2023, Westminster Fire Department will celebrate its 200th Anniversary of serving the Westminster community. As we get closer to 2023, information will be shared with the community about activities and events to commemorate this tremendous milestone. Check out the information above about our 200th anniversary Christmas ornaments available and the upcoming fire muster!

Thanks to Lights And Fire Trucks for uploading this video of Westminster Fire Department’s 1998 parade and opening of our new station!

Have You Thought About How You Can Help Us?

Obviously, you could donate, as financial contributions are always appreciated.  There are other ways that you could assist us.

  • Do you already have Fire Fighting experience or Emergency Medical Service training?
  • If you are not trained, we can provide you with the training needed. It is not easy work, but challenging and extremely rewarding.
  • Not into frontline action? We have members in support roles assisting in valuable ways that do not involve Firefighting or EMS Certifications.

Contact us and let us show you how you can participate.  For Maryland residents, after your third year of qualified service, there is an outstanding state income tax break!

The Historical Museum of the Westminster Fire Department

Recently, a very special part of our building, our museum, was named and adopted a mission statement to help guide actions and projects specifically for preserving our history.

The Historical Museum of the Westminster Fire Department is a museum whose purpose is the preservation and appreciation of artifacts and history of the Westminster Fire Engine and Hose Co #1 and surrounding areas as well as to teach and promote fire safety education.

Take a look at The Historical Museum of the Westminster Fire Department or stop by!