Our museum is attached to the southern end of our station. The building was designed to look like an old station dating back to the late 1800′s. The station is Octagonal in design and in the front above the window contains the original stained glass window from our previous station.
Inside the museum, you will find our two antique motorized pieces, 2 hose carts, and assorted photos, documents, and other historical memorabilia. The room is designed to look like a station of the late 1800′s/early 1900′s.
The floor is constructed of concrete that has been stamped and then stained to give the impression of a hand-laid red brick typically used in Firehouse construction 100 years ago.

The ceilings are constructed of Wood including the center beam that was specially built for this installation. The wood is then varnished for the natural look again found during that time period.

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The hose carts were hand-drawn and date back to 1893. Both of these were pulled by members to the new station during the opening ceremony. In preparation for the Department’s 200th anniversary in 2023, both hose carts were sent to Lancaster, PA and were restored. The paint was stripped and repainted, the gold pinstripes were replaced, and the nickel and/or brass fixtures were reconditioned. Both have been completed and are now back in our museum.

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In 2018, the Department membership voted to do much-needed work on our 1924 American LaFrance Ladder Wagon and our 1933 American LaFrance Engine. Both motorized pieces are original to Westminster Fire Department. Presently, the motor of the ladder truck has been removed and is in the process of being completely rebuilt. Once this is completed, the motor will be placed back into the ladder truck and work will commence on the engine. We are very excited to restore these two pieces of our history.

Ladder Truck Refurb in Progress. Click here for more images