Westminster Fire Department Bingo

Westminster Fire Department Friday Night Bingo will begin on:

August 13, 2021

Doors and Kitchen open at 5:30 PM

Bingo begins at 7:00 PM

  • 17 Regular Games: $50 payout each
  • 4 Special Games: $75 payout each
  • 1 Split the Pot (50% of Card Sales Go to the Winner)
  • Progressive Final Jackpot Game: up to $1,000 payout

Ways to Win Regular Games!

Diagonal, Vertical, Horizontal, Outside Corners, Inside Corners, Small Diamond, Postage Stamp

First 50 players during the first 2 weeks of WFD Bingo will receive a token of appreciation for attending!

Card Prices:

3 Card: $10

6 Card: $14

9 Card: $18

12 Card: $22

Each Special Game is $1.00 each

Admission: $3.00 ($1.00 automatic players pool entrance-regular bingo only, progressive build-up)

Good Neighbor: When only 1 winner on regular bingo, players on each side of the winner get $2 each

Other games available including Pull Off games and 50/50 Raffles

House Rules

  • Bingo on B3 for regular games pays an extra $25 (split between multiple winners)
  • Only Players 18 and Over Can Collect Cash Payout
  • If Less Than 50 People in Attendance, Regular Bingo Prizes Drop to a $40 Payout
  • If the Snow Emergency Plan is in Effect, Bingo will be Cancelled
  • If there is a discrepancy on the bingo floor, the caller has the final say upon review

Kitchen refreshments and platters provided by Kounty Kafe & Catering of Westminster, MD

See below for the menu

Questions? Email bingo@westminstervfd.org or call 410-848-1800